Rimagine is an internationally-owned and managed creative production studio, bringing brands to life with great and emotional images.

We started out as a photography company, but gradually completed our array of creative services by adding new offerings such as digital imaging and 3D scene rendering, becoming a full-service creative production studio.

Our flagship studio is in Shanghai (China). We also operate an annex studio in Kunshan, located 45min outside of Shanghai.

What's happening?

Huawei & Porsche Design Does It Again

17th April 2018 / Shanghai
We are very honoured to be part of this iconic collaboration between HUAWEI and PORSCHE DESIGN. Enlightened by the PORSCHE RS that inspired by the racetrack, the PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate RS (Racing Sport, if you’re wondering) comes alive with enhanced ergonomics, 8 smooth curves and 6 symmetrical surfaces. Watching the light and shade change and play on the surface, …

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Move that groove!

06th December 2017 / Latest Work
We were delighted to be part of the new and exciting Maru speaker launch. With ten different colours to start, the Danish fabric cover can be changed to suit your interior or your mood! You can mount it on the walls at different areas of your home, bring it out to play since it can either be laid flat or command …

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Go, Dyaco!

30th November 2017 / Uncategorized
Last month, more than 200 images were shot over 5 days for Dyaco, a health and fitness equipment brand, at our Kunshan studio. It was an exceptionally fun shoot as it was not just products that we shot but also three very gorgeous and fun models! Here are some behind the scenes-

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Fashion Photography for GENUINE PEOPLE

24th August 2017 / Latest Work
In November 2016, Rimagine collaborated with Genuine People for their fall/winter collection. Shot at Rimagine’s studio, we also provided the end-to-end project management from casting, hair & makeup to retouching. With over 30 looks, more than 200 visuals were shot. Based in San Francisco and Shanghai, Genuine People capture emerging trends, fuse them with urban edge and attitude, and present …

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Lifestyle Photography for PHILIPS HEALTHCARE

22nd August 2017 / Latest Work
In June 2017, Phillips Healthcare approached Rimagine to collaborate for a lifestyle shoot to showcase their new health care app. The shoot took place over two days at several locations and featuring talents, demonstrates the functions and services of the app. Rimagine produced the end-to-end solutions for the whole project from location scouting, castings, shoot and retouching.  

3D Room Scenes.

Choose from our ever-growing pool of ready-available room scenes which we use as backdrops when shooting your products.