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25Aug 2011

OVS INDUSTRY, one of the most known fashion brands in Italy with more than $1 US billion in sales, recently hired us to shoot their next look book. The two-day shoot involved in total four models and the entire production, including model booking, HMA, fashion stylist and retouching was managed and produced by our in-house production team. We like to thank Cynthia and her great team for this smooth and easy production!




22Jul 2011

There’s a good article in one of our favorite photography magazines, PDN (Photo District News), about the current landscape of commercial photography in China. The article gives a general and honest introduction of the pro’s and con’s of doing photography in China, and does not miss to also touch the challenges, which we also face on a daily basis.


Below some of the key points as summary:

© Zach Gold - for Motorola.
















  • Shooting assignments in China can be a lot of fun, if you can take the maddening aspects of it in stride. “It’s like the Wild West,” he says. “All of the sudden there’s all this money, and not that many people know what they’re doing.”


  • He’s shot in studios that have lights rigged with ropes, cyc walls that are chipped and cracked, and floors that are “almost like dirt.” The bathrooms are “still just a hole in the ground,” unspeakably disgusting, “and there’s a $200,000 production going on in the next room. The contrast is remarkable.”


  • It was a four-day shoot that called for 300 extras. “No way we could have afforded to shoot that here,” he says. But he also recalls landing in China with all his gear—and having to ship it back because he couldn’t get it through customs.


  • Growing numbers of photographers in the U.S. and Europe are going after work in China because it looks, from a distance at least, like a pot of gold. The economy in the west is sluggish, competition is fierce, and rates are stagnant. China holds out the promise of new opportunities.


  • Choo says that China looks modern and cosmopolitan, but scratch beneath the surface, and you quickly run up against the old China.


Thanks to the PDN Online Team for describing the current Chinese photography landscape so honestly!


28May 2011

We are happy to be featured in the March edition of PHOTONEWS, one of our favorite German photography magazines which gets published since 1989 with ten editions each year. The article talks about our adventurous beginnings, explains our original business idea (helping companies to save time and money by getting photographs of their products directly out of China) and also looks at the challenges and opportunities of photo studios in Shanghai and China in general.

Feel free to read the entire article by clicking on the image below (the article is unfortunately in German only).

Rimagine featued in PHOTONEWS


23Apr 2011

We are happy to announce that we just launched a Freelance Model Database Shanghai! If you are interested in doing modeling jobs, feel free to add yourself to our database. Should we have any appropriate job one of our producers will be contacting you with information such as shooting topic, date and time, pay, etc.

freelance models add



Modeling jobs are either fashion related (photo shoots for fashion catalogs, homewear, underwear, nightwear, swimwear,..) or corporate (for advertising, brochures, websites, annual reports, etc.). In general, all age groups are welcome!

And now, please feel free to add yourself to the database.



06Apr 2011

In March 2011 we just finished our first fashion shoot for the eShop of ESPRIT ( One male and one female model were selected and provided by Esprit, our team consisted of fashion photographer Ray, the styling and HMA team came from Bleu Visual. In total, about 60 outfits were shot, with 5 images each. We like to thank Ben and the entire Esprit team for a good first cooperation.

efashion photography for Esprit


efashion photography for Esprit


efashion photography for Esprit












12Mar 2011

We just finished a third project for one of our latest clients, 3M. The company is a obvious great client with brands in their portfolio such as Post-It, Scotch Tape, Nexcare or O-Cel-O. We are excited about this new cooperation and have just finished a round of first nice shots for a brand called Filtrete. Our photographer Ray did some simple but fab product shots on a white background. Focus was on making the product the ‘hero’, which I think we quite achieved. Below are three shots of the entire series.

29Jan 2011

We just finished a small but nice packaging DTP job for BROSZIO, a German importer which required a line extension of their Durandal packaging. The product was an awesome herb scissor with 5 blades. The product is sold in various supermarkets in France and Germany.  Our art director Anne did the basic layouts and photo art directed the shoot, in which we took 5 product photographs in our studio.  We also bought some fresh parsley, chives and marjoram to make the images look fresh and nice. After the shoot, our packaging DTP operator created the final print artwork including all images, marketing texts and bar codes.

See below for some of the shots, and the final packaging.

27Jan 2011

We recently finished our first little job for Briiffi Oy (, a creative agency from Finnland which approached us to create a series of high-end industrial photographs for their long-term client EFORE. The job was quite straightforward and simple: Go to one of EFORE’s factories near Shanghai, shoot for about 6-8 hours and head back to Shanghai. We got a great and detailed creative brief from the team at Briiffi Oy, thanks for that!

The shoot went very well and turned out a couple of nice, dynamic industrial shots!

26Jan 2011

Ray Sun, originally from Shanghai, is with us since August 2010. Since then, Ray has done successful shoots for a large variety of clients. Having worked for more than 4 years for the Shanghai Media Group, publisher of for example Shanghai Daily, Ray is a very versatile and flexible photographer who is good at and enjoys shooting on many different assignments.

His passion area is high-end still-life and architectural photography.

List of Client Ray has worked for:
- 3M
- Esprit
- Kohler
- Philips
- Metro
- etc.

13Dec 2010

German airline LUFTHANSA choose one of our images for their landing page of their nation-wide Miles & More website in China.  We took this shot actually back in 2008 while working for another client which bought usage rights from us for their worldwide website and print brochures.  So far, we think it’s great that LUFTHANSA obviously likes our shot, but they did not yet get in touch with us regarding the purchase and use of the image.  We are now trying to locate the person in charge to sort out the invoice issue, and to see if there are more opportunities to cooperate.

Below is the image which we created in a factory hall in Qingdao (the background was composed).

Showing the original plus the final composed image











And below is the image as seen on the current  LUFTHANSA Miles & More website (13. December 2010).  We thank LUFTHANSA for choosing one of our images..

Shots as shown on China-Website pf


















If you are working at the marketing department of LUFTHANSA, or if you know the person in charge, please ask him or her to drop us an email at info (at) rimagine (dot) com. Thanks!

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