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29Aug 2014

We recently finished the 2nd round of shots for our longterm customer PROSOUND, a China-based manufacturer and marketer of high-end audio products. The shots were taken by our photographer in Shanghai, who also created the first shots. We really love those products, as they are all wireless, work brilliantly via bluetooth and you control the tracks and volume through your phone..

Shanghai still life photographer 4 Shanghai still life photographer 3 Shanghai still life photographer 2 Shanghai still life photographer 1

03Jul 2014

We just built from scratch, styled and propped an entire American-style kitchen room scene, which will be permanently available for photo shoots till the end of 2014. We believe this room scene can be a great backdrop when shooting kitchen appliances, home decor, cookware, furniture or tableware. If you are interested in using it for your next shoot, don't hesitate to contact us!

permanent kitchen room scene shenzhen

01Jul 2014

Our photographers in Shenzhen just created a simple yet (we think) great-looking ambiance shot for an American children furniture brand. The design, building and styling of the set was done by our studio team, which took about a half-day! The background image was composed into the scene later on by our Hong-Kong based retouchers.

Ambiance Room Scene Shot Shenzhen for American Furniture Brand.

Since the beginning of this year, we produce lots of room scene and ambiance shots like this. Please get in touch with us anytime to get more info on pricing, options, etc.

26Jun 2014

Since several months, our Shanghai studio team is working on a 3D rendering, photography and retouching solution, which we are very excited about as we plan to launch it to the market shortly. In brief, we will be using room scenes built in 3D (instead of conventional room scene building), and use those virtual scenes as ambiance backdrops when shooting our customer's products. The composed photomontages look very real, and the average age won't be able to tell if the scene was actually built in 3D! See below for a key visual we created:
Final key visual showing a 3D rendered room scene and actual photography

This solution allows us to shoot your products in various ambiance settings and lifestyle situations, be it modern European apartment room scenes, an American town house or a South-East Asian beach villa.

Please contact us anytime should you be interested!

14Apr 2014

In the past few weeks our Shanghai photography and retouching team were busy creating a whole series of advertising shots for the re-launch of China’s #2 dry yeast brand, DAN BAO LI. The campaign was created and masterminded by the French branding agency EQUANCY, which over a period of several weeks worked intensively with our team to try and meet the tight deadline. In total, five key visuals were created which you will see online and in various mags in the coming weeks and months.

One of those KVs was particularly interesting – we purchased a stock image and used it as background setting for the model and product we photographed in our Shanghai photo studio – see below how the images was composed:

The production team consisted of approx. 12 people incl. our senior photographer, hair and make-up artist, wardrobe stylists, location scouts, our executive producer, our model casting director, assistants, retouchers, prop stylists and four Asian models, one Caucasian models. Our team does more and more FMCG photography shoots, and we welcome DANBAOLI to our list of brands we worked with!

A big THANKS to the awesome team at EQUANCY for this great cooperation – looking forward to more to come!

01Apr 2014

We had a very busy first quarter, with lots and lots of work for our great long-term customers, such as fab 3M. Below a few random shots which our photographers and retouchers created in the last couple of weeks. All those shots typically end up on product packaging, in online stores and various promotional brochures.

25Mar 2014

Our Shanghai photography team just finished a large project for a Chinese healthcare company called UNITED IMAGING. It took several on-location shooting days to create a series of images which will be used for all kinds of marketing purposes. The team consisted of our photographers, hair and make-up artists, Asian and Caucasian adult and children models, prop stylists and our production manager. Retouching was also completely done by Rimagine. Check out some of the images below! A big thanks to the great team at UNITED!

10Feb 2014

Our photography team in Shenzhen just produced a couple of furniture room scene shots, which turned out quite nice! Take a look at the images below. All you see was built, styled, propped, shot & retouched by us.

18Jan 2014

Our Shanghai photographers recently finished a small but interesting job. We had to shoot a hand model holding a 'fake' cube, then composed the shot of the hands onto a stock image, and finally composed a 3D-rendered cube into the hands, and into the final key visual. The final result looks very real. Thanks to Massimo and Mark for the great cooperation!

20Nov 2013

We just created a series of simple yet nice looking portrait shots of a call center team of a large American software company ;-) .. We aimed for a clean yet fresh light set up, very little retouching, only a simple background. We are quite happy with the result, and like to send a big THANKS to the awesome team we worked with!

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