Furniture Shoot for ARGINGTON

In 2008 April, we organized a catalogue production for ARGINGTON (, an American manufacturer of modern children furniture. The 5-day shooting involved models, set-design, prop stylists, models, make-up artists and location scouting. We conceptualized an idea for a new catalogue and organized the entire production including:

– Producer (=Account Manager)
– Art Director
– Table-top Stylists
– Set Builders
– Photographer
– Retouchers
– Print Managers
– Location Scouts
– Models
– Hair & Make-Up Artists




Since all creative pros work under the same roof, it was easy for the team to meet regularly to discuss and follow-up on the project. A beautiful villa was found in an premium exclusive compound in Shanghai. The set-designers and builders went to work, and after the set designers and builders painted the walls, a beautiful wooden floor was put in the rooms. In total, 7 shooting locations were created, making it possible for the team to work on one a set, while the other was shooting on the other one. After the photography, all images were retouched (cleaned- up, clipped, optimized) and stored in Rimagine’s internal image database.

Thanks to the great production team:

Photographer: Philippe Roy (Rimagine)

Producer: Lynn Hou  (Rimagine)

Graphic Designer: Anja Huebscher  (Rimagine)

Set Stylist: Florence Drouzy and Virginie Moreau

Hair and Make-up: Jackie Jia

Models: Marre, Manon, Ambre, Lou, Raphael, Souli, Oskar, Franzi

Some final shots of the shooting below:

We also did the layout, branding and art direction of the Argington website (