Product Images for HUAWEI.

We are excited to announce that Rimagine was chosen as HUAWEI’s creative production studio of choice, to create literally hundreds of high-end product images throughout the year. HUAWEI, now the third largest mobile phone brand in the world, launched it’s new flagship phone called Mate 9 in Munich in November, which it co-engineered with LEICA. Starting in July, our photography, CGI and retouching team has worked tirelessly over a period of four months on creating pixel-perfect visuals showcasing the stunning phone in the best possible light.

Check out our latest portfolio entry showing multiple product visuals.

Richard Yu presenting a latest phone with Rimagine's product images.
Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, presenting the new Huawei Mate 9 during the launch in Munich with Rimagine’s product images. (Image: AFP)

The 200+ visuals we created are used in 70+ countries and are currently used as advertising visuals all over the world, and as well on the landing page of the HUAWEI Consumer Division. A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone at HUAWEI, regardless if in Shenzhen, Shanghai or London! We enjoyed every bit of the project, including the many all-nighters 😉 Thanks again for the great cooperation!