Rimagine joins PREVACO

Media operating companies around the world have to face not only tough competitors, but even tougher challenges. Nowadays, the internet makes it easy to compare quality and prices between different service providers. To succeed in this competitive landscape, it’s not enough anymore to just offer a reliable service. Because of this, Rimagine joined a new and innovative alliance of media operating companies around the world, called PREVACO International.

PREVACO International consists currently of approximately 14 media operating companies (prepress, publishing, retouching, photography, etc.) from following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand. Rimagine is the first company to join PREVACO and will also act as the spearhead for the alliance in Asia.

With PREVACO International, our clients get access to all services and know-how of this worldwide competence network, which generates its strength from the expertise and productivity of independent full-range media solutions service providers. With a broad range of competencies and well-aligned internationally standardized workflows, PREVACO partners can offer a unique combination of top-notch execution of services like photography and retouching in China, and local support and a personal service in our client’s home country.

To find out how PREVACO could be helpful for your organization, visit the website


Note from 2015 12 – Rimagine is not member of Prevaco anymore.