Rimagine in ‘On the picture’

Lorenz WAGENER and his business partner Christoph LIENKE are the founders and general managers of Rimagine, a photography company in the Caojiadu Entrepreneur Zone in the Jing’an District.

Some may regard them as trailblazers but they’d rather think of themselves as “gold-rushers.” For them, the decision to establish their own business was about both opportunity and challenge.

“I came here because I thought Shanghai would be a land full of surprises and potential,” said 37-year-old Lienke. He described it as a gold rush. “I just wanted to be part of it.”

Founding the company in 2004, the two Germans are proud of what they have achieved during the past two years.

“Our company serves over 100 customers both at home and abroad including in Japan, Singapore and South Korea. It has processed more than 125,000 images in the past 18 months and it completed photo shoots in more than 50 different cities,” said Lienke.

“What’s more, we have 18 top-notch photographers, retouchers, producers and support staff.” Currently, they own three studios covering more than 1,000 square meters.

“We took nearly eight months to find our ideal place,” said Lienke. Having lived in Shanghai for four years they are fully accustomed to life in the city. Wagener, 29, lives in a traditional Shikumen house.

“My neighbors are all local people,” he said. “I can get a clearer picture of the city and its people. New things are taking place everyday. It’s a dynamic city, intense and interesting,” Wagener said with a smile.

So far, they have traveled a lot around the country, including to Guangxi Province, Shaanxi Province, Sichuan Province, Beijing and Hong Kong. ” Yunan Province is very beautiful. I was shocked at the scenery. Amazing,” said Lienke. Speaking of the future, the two Germans are very optimistic and ambitious.

“We plan to establish a new studio in the suburban area and we hope to expand our company into a chain of companies.”