Now Shooting With 50 Megapixels.

We are super-excited to have just completed our first shoot with our brand-new Canon 5DS R, the world’s highest-resolution DSLR. This beautiful piece of equipment creates images with stunning 8,688×5,792 pixel ratio (50MP) and is fully compatible with all previous Canon lenses, something which is important to us as we have always been loyal Canon users since our launch in 2004! Check out another of Ken Rockwell’s excellent reviews here.

Check out our latest Canon 5DS R camera.

The image shows the latest addition to our growing family of cameras, the Canon 5DSR, in front of some 5D Mark II. The Shanghai photo team is very used to working with the 5DS Mark II’s, as it’s basically the main camera we have been using in the past years (we got three in total). Starting now, we will be using the 5DSR whenever for example 50MP are required.