Shanghai Daily “Birth Of A New Pioneer “

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Rimagine: birth of a new pioneer.

In 1997, when Lorenz Wagener was working in Germany in the photo studios of the company Herpa, the leading worldwide car and airplane model manufacturer, he would have never imagined that he would found a company in Shanghai to offer such services to his own clients.

Wagener and his partner Christoph Lienke teamed up with a Chinese partner to achieve every company’s dream: To become a pioneer in a niche market.

The area we are talking about is photography, the niche is product photography. When talking to the two Germans in their early 30s, their eyes start to shine when we get to talk about their vision.

Says Wagener: “We are the first to exclusively offer product photography to clients worldwide from Shanghai, China. We are faster, cheaper and offer at least the same quality.”

When talking and listening to the two men you notice one thing: They have a business background, they are down to earth and share a vision.

Being photograph enthusiasts in their spare time, they are truly professional when it comes to building and managing a company.

Lienke: “Usually photographers are creative people with a deep feeling for color, situations and lighting. But when it comes to train and push salespeople and to optimize the workflow, they are usually not the ones who jump the queue.”

But clients who need pictures of their products are very clear what they want: good and fast product shots for a low price and a permanent contact person who understands their needs.

And that is exactly what they want to give their clients, who come from any industry: manufacturers, trading, merchandising, retailers, distributors and others.

Their first contract was (surprisingly!) Herpa. The German company sent their whole airplane collection of 2005 to Shanghai, where the pictures were taken and digitally enhanced.

Stefan Kuelgen, the project manager of Herpa, said: “With Rimagine’s prices we have finally possibilities which we never had before due to the high prices of German photo studios.”

Asked if the company has to give away a lot of opportunities, Wagener, who worked two years

as director of sales at a Chinese Internet company in Shanghai, nods and adds that it is on the one hand painful to turning down a client, but on the other hand it is vital for a young company to be 100 percent focused on one area. Otherwise nothing will be achieved.

Facts about Rimagine:

Rimagine offers product photography to clients worldwide. In its photo studios, in the center of Shanghai, experienced photographers take pictures of products from various industries.

Rimagine offers cheap, fast and good service to its clients.

Its team has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and constantly invests in the latest technology so it can deliver the best results to its clients.

To complete the workflow, Rimagine offers additional imaging services such as retouching and composing, clipping paths, color corrections and image archiving.

– Product Photography
– Imaging Services
– Image Archive

Board of Management:
– Lorenz Wagener, General Manager.
– Christoph D. Lienke, General Manager.
– Jiang Lei, Director of Operations.

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