Stock Image Photography for Image Source

We were recently hired to produce a stock image photography series in a prepress office setting for IMAGE SOURCE. This London-based stock image agency is our partner since several years and we have done multiple series with them already. For this three day photo shoot, Michael acted as Executive Producer and assembled the whole crew. The team consisted of a commercial photographer, photography assistants, a hair and make-up team, several Asian and one Caucasian model. We also engaged a stylist team, a lead retoucher and one production assistant.






In order to have an appropriate backdrop, we went out to Kunshan. Our parent company, YFYJupiter, allowed us to do the shoot in their actual prepress offices, which are also connected to a huge printing facility. This kept production costs at check, as no location scouting or rental costs occurred. We only had to arrange clothes for the models, and some accent props. The selected and retouched images will be syndicated through a whole range of stock images sites throughout the coming weeks. We hope you like them!

Production Team

Photographer: Kyle (Rimagine)
Executive Producer: Michael (Rimagine)
Account: Benji (Rimagine)
HMA: Cindy M.
Stylist: Lane Gu
Models: Alexandra F., Ryan W., YuPei , Louis L.
Location: YFYJupiter, Kunshan