Tmall Photography For WMF.

We recently finished shooting dozens of SKUs for WMF, a new customer and leading German tableware manufacturer.  The photography style and general creative was masterminded and directed by Serviceplan China, the full-service ad agency recently appointed to be WMF’s lead agency.  Mavis, the appointed still-life photographer for this shoot, took 30+ shots of the really beautiful product line Naturamic, which will now  be used in various channels, but primarily in WMF’s recently relaunched Tmall store – check our some of the Tmall photography shots below, or on WMF’s Tmall store.  Thanks to everyone at WMF and the creative team of Serviceplan for this first smooth shoot!


WMF_Tmall-product-shots_4_Fresh-Bowl  WMF_Tmall-product-shots_2_Cooking-Bowl WMF_Tmall-product-shots_3_Pressure-Cooker