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26Jun 2014

Since several months, our Shanghai studio team is working on a 3D rendering, photography and retouching solution, which we are very excited about as we plan to launch it to the market shortly. In brief, we will be using room scenes built in 3D (instead of conventional room scene building), and use those virtual scenes as ambiance backdrops when shooting our customer's products. The composed photomontages look very real, and the average age won't be able to tell if the scene was actually built in 3D! See below for a key visual we created:
Final key visual showing a 3D rendered room scene and actual photography

This solution allows us to shoot your products in various ambiance settings and lifestyle situations, be it modern European apartment room scenes, an American town house or a South-East Asian beach villa.

Please contact us anytime should you be interested!

31Oct 2013

It’s a spooky, creepy kinda day at our Dallas studio… MMMMWWWWAHAHAHahhhahahahahahahah

12Oct 2013

Check out this little video showing some behind the scene footage of our just recent and latest location photography shoot in Dallas/TX, which we managed for one of our main customers, a large retailers of the U.S. We casted and ended up using multiple professional and semi-professional adult and children models, stylists, make-up artists, location scouts, producers, etc.

Behind the scenes Video of location photo shoot in Dallas

25Sep 2013

Rimagine MD Lorenz was invited by the German Chamber of Shanghai to give a speech on Sep 24th about the topic "how to start, grow and sell a company in China". The restaurant "To The Sea" provided a beautiful backdrop for the little event, which welcomed about 40 attendees. The second speaker of the night was Nathan Kaiser from EIGER Law, a lawyer specialized on this topic. The host and moderator was Andrea Cristancho from ChassPort Consulting.

Lorenz shared with the audience how he co-founded Rimagine and grew it to one of China's leading photography companies, managing a team of commercial photographers and retouchers in Shanghai, and after eight years becoming part of the packaging design and production company YFYJupiter. Below some snapshots of the event (provided by the German chamber). How to establish, build and sell a company in China.How to establish, build and sell a company in China. How to establish, build and sell a company in China. How to establish, build and sell a company in China. If you are interested in getting more info on this event, please don't hesitate to contact us

11Jun 2013

Three random shots of our food photographer in Dallas, of T. G. I. food! We think those turned out really yummy - and we hope you like them too..
Random shots from our Dallas food photographer Random shots from our Dallas food photographer Random shots from our Dallas food photographer

26Apr 2013

We are currently in the middle of a large room scene shoot which we do for one of our associated ad agency partners - this time it is for a leading Chinese kitchen appliance brand. The set is massive and consists of a full-sized living room and connected kitchen scene. We can not show any images of the sets, just some random behind the scene shots taken with our phone camera. The team consists of our photographer David, producer Victor, retoucher LJ, one Caucasian model, one hair-and-make-up-artist, one food stylist and several runners and assistants. We will post some images once we got official confirmation from our customer, which is an Italian creative agency!

Room Scene Photography Shanghai Room Scene Photography Shanghai Room Scene Photography Shanghai

20Mar 2013

There’s a reason why we call the people who work with us 'talents', rather than 'employees'. Just look at John’s – our Dallas photographer – most recent passion work. It takes TALENT to titivate such commonly used, uninteresting and aesthetically dull things. Who knew apple boxes, electrical tape and battery clamps could look so cool? Now that’s what we call ARTistic.

Dallas photo studio gaff-tape still life. Dallas photo studio clamps still life. Dallas photo studio apple box still life.

21Sep 2012

We are very excited to finally have received our brand-new set of Elinchrom lights, which from now on are available for all of our high-end shoots, especially when we do fashion, beauty or above-the-line jobs! The Swiss equipment brand is known and widely respected for its very consistent flash power and its fast recycling speeds, paired with top precision and stability!

In total, we got 2x RX 2,400 Power Packs, 4x Pro 2,400w mono light head (of the RX series!) and 10x FX 600w flash lights. shanghai photo studio equipment Rimagine

25Aug 2012

We just finished up a not so ordinary shoot for DOWNTOWN, a European magazine covering aesthetic mobility, lifestyle and quality of life topics. Led by the two magazine editors and one representative of a leading bike brand, we went over to the offices of JWT, a leading ad agency and fellow customer of our Shanghai studio, and photographed Terence, creative director, in this case one of thir testimonials who is a enthusiastic biker himself. Below are some of the behind the scene shots of the photo shoot, and the entire magazine, courtesy of DOWNTOWN. Big thanks to Max-Philipp, Robin and Florian for the great shoot and cooperation! Bike Photo Shoot Shanghai for DOWNTOWN 1 Bike Photo Shoot Shanghai for DOWNTOWN 2 Bike Photo Shoot Shanghai for DOWNTOWN 3 Check out our shots starting on page 40!

04Aug 2012

We are happy that some of our shots which we did for our long-term client 3M CHINA are currently featured on the international Red Dot Awards page, an internationally respected award, given to outstanding product design. From the entire team we like to congratulate 3M CHINA, and especially the lead designer Gimmy, to snatch one of the esteemed Red Dot product awards! You can read the article by clicking on one of the images below.

The jury states “This product idea realises ergonomic considerations and demonstrates a high level of innovation. A convenient window cleaner for hard to reach areas.”

Well done and congrats to Gimmy and his team!

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