Zero Horizon Photography – Explained.


Zero Horizon Photography is a term we created for this unique and innovative shooting solution. In Zero Horizon Photography, your products are photographed in studio on a real setting, such as a wooden deck, red brick floor or pebbles.

By carefully merging this foreground shot with an appropriate background image, e.g. a nice garden or backyard, the viewer gets the impression that your products were actually shot on-location!

Practice Makes Perfect.


2016 marks the 4th consecutive season we have been producing hundreds of Zero Horizon images for leading brands and retail customers from all around the world.

Size Matters.


Our annex photo studio in Kunshan stretches over 3,500sqm, ideal for large furniture productions. Receiving and storing 250+ patio furniture products over a period of several weeks is therefore not a problem!

International Set Styling.


Environmental shots such as Zero Horizon images are typically propped and styled. Our team of both international and local stylists ensure that your products look at their best, and come with the right supporting and accent props.

Extensive Prop Pool.


By sourcing from around the world, we have built up an extensive pool of props, mainly targeting outdoor and furniture settings.

Pots, Pots, Pots!


For variety in styling the various sets, we have collected all sorts of different vases, flowerpots and planters over the years. The image on the right shows our nice little family we have accumulated – ready for your next shoot!

Use It In Infinite Different Ways.


We utilise Zero Horizon photography not only to shoot large furniture sets, but also to shoot small vignettes, detail images or in-situ shots. We can replicate any time of day and create any sort of light environment. At the beach? In the woods? Nothing is impossible.

Stop shipping bulky products across the globe - get Zero Horizon images done directly in China.

Zero Horizon Advantages:


  • No more expensive product shipping across the globe.
  • Get stunning images for very competitive pricing.
  • Benefit from our extensive set styling experience.
  • Choose from one of our four ready-available floor types.
  • No weather uncertainties – as we can shoot outdoor scenes indoors.
  • Choose from a great variety of verified garden background images.
  • Both local and international set stylists available.

Interested in Zero Horizon Photography?