Furniture Photography for ARGINGTON.

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A few years back, we organized a catalogue production for ARGINGTON, a Brookly-based designer and manufacturer of modern children furniture. The 5-day shooting involved models, set-design, prop stylists, models, make-up artists and location scouting. We conceptualized an idea for a new catalogue and organized the entire production including.

Since all creative pros work under the same roof, it was easy for the team to meet regularly to discuss and follow-up on the project.

Check out some behind the scene shots below:

furniture photography in Shanghai for Argington 1

furniture photographer shoots in Shanghai for Argington 2

product photographer shoots furniture in Shanghai for Argington 3

location furniture photography in Shanghai for Argington 4

A beautiful villa was found in an premium exclusive compound in Shanghai. The set-designers and builders went to work, and after the set designers and builders painted the walls, a beautiful wooden floor was put in the rooms. In total, 7 shooting locations were created, making it possible for the team to work on one a set, while the other was shooting on the other one.

Although this project is several years back, we still often think back to this great project. Thanks Andrew for this awesome cooperation!