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14Apr 2014

In the past few weeks our Shanghai photography and retouching team were busy creating a whole series of advertising shots for the re-launch of China’s #2 dry yeast brand, DAN BAO LI. The campaign was created and masterminded by the French branding agency EQUANCY, which over a period of several weeks worked intensively with our team to try and meet the tight deadline. In total, five key visuals were created which you will see online and in various mags in the coming weeks and months.

One of those KVs was particularly interesting – we purchased a stock image and used it as background setting for the model and product we photographed in our Shanghai photo studio – see below how the images was composed:

The production team consisted of approx. 12 people incl. our senior photographer, hair and make-up artist, wardrobe stylists, location scouts, our executive producer, our model casting director, assistants, retouchers, prop stylists and four Asian models, one Caucasian models. Our team does more and more FMCG photography shoots, and we welcome DANBAOLI to our list of brands we worked with!

A big THANKS to the awesome team at EQUANCY for this great cooperation – looking forward to more to come!

01Apr 2014

We had a very busy first quarter, with lots and lots of work for our great long-term customers, such as fab 3M. Below a few random shots which our photographers and retouchers created in the last couple of weeks. All those shots typically end up on product packaging, in online stores and various promotional brochures.

25Feb 2013

We welcome KARCHER, one of Germany’s leading cleaning appliance brands, to our group of customers! Within the last couple of months, we have already executed several nice studio and location shoots in which we created dozens of new brand visuals being used in a big variety of marketing material. In this series, you’ll see a few of the latest shots. Thanks to the entire KARCHER team for the fantastic cooperation! Click on the images to see six shots in total! Product Photography in Shanghai for Karcher. Product Photography in Shanghai for Karcher Product Photography in Shanghai for Karcher

04Aug 2012

We are happy that some of our shots which we did for our long-term client 3M CHINA are currently featured on the international Red Dot Awards page, an internationally respected award, given to outstanding product design. From the entire team we like to congratulate 3M CHINA, and especially the lead designer Gimmy, to snatch one of the esteemed Red Dot product awards! You can read the article by clicking on one of the images below.

The jury states “This product idea realises ergonomic considerations and demonstrates a high level of innovation. A convenient window cleaner for hard to reach areas.”

Well done and congrats to Gimmy and his team!

20Feb 2012

We just added a new healthcare portfolio to our gallery, showing the best healthcare-related photography we have done for various clients, such as SIEMENS MED, MARQUET, OROCLEAN or SONOLIFE. Below are a few previews, click here to see all images. We merged all interior images into our architectural portfolio, and also updated our portrait section..






12Mar 2011

We just finished a third project for one of our latest clients, 3M. The company is a obvious great client with brands in their portfolio such as Post-It, Scotch Tape, Nexcare or O-Cel-O. We are excited about this new cooperation and have just finished a round of first nice shots for a brand called Filtrete. Our photographer Ray did some simple but fab product shots on a white background. Focus was on making the product the ‘hero’, which I think we quite achieved. Below are three shots of the entire series.

26Jan 2011

Ray Sun, originally from Shanghai, is with us since August 2010. Since then, Ray has done successful shoots for a large variety of clients. Having worked for more than 4 years for the Shanghai Media Group, publisher of for example Shanghai Daily, Ray is a very versatile and flexible photographer who is good at and enjoys shooting on many different assignments.

His passion area is high-end still-life and architectural photography.

List of Client Ray has worked for:
- 3M
- Esprit
- Kohler
- Philips
- Metro
- etc.

19Nov 2010

We just finished a small but nice shooting job for a new Danish Furniture client.  We absolutely love the beautiful and simple design of the tables and chairs we photographed. Our furniture photographer Ray Sun (view his portfolio) shot the products at our client’s location in a factory near Shanghai.  In total he created 32 shots, which than our retouching team touched-up (fix imperfections, clipping path, background knock-out, file naming).

If you also like to get such shots of your products, please contact us!

15Sep 2010

We recently finished a nice advertising photography job including creative retouching for BOSCH China. The shoot was supervised by ad agency INTERONE (Shanghai/Beijing) and took place in our Shanghai photo studio.  Photographer was Chad Ingraham, who spent about a day creating exactly the shot which was requested.  Have a look at the final print ads below, which appeared in several magazines, including VISION.

20Jan 2010

If you have to find a commercial photographer for your next project in China, there are several things which you need to consider that will affect the outcome of your search.  How can you be sure that the photographer is good?  How can you know if the photographer offers a good value?  How do you know if he or she is the right one for your project?  The most important challenge is to better educate yourself to make a thorough decision.

The aim of this article is to offer a recommendation to marketing managers or anyone having to choose a commercial photographer in China.

China offers a wide range of commercial photographers, ranging from individual freelancers to small lane studios to larger photography companies with their own large studios and full-time employees.   According to the China Photographer’s Association, there are 12,000 photographers registered in China (and for example more than 2,000 photographers just in Shanghai!).

Regardless if you need to need a product, portrait or architectural photographer, the general aspects which need to be considered when choosing a photographer are universal and always the same.   Commercial photographers in China come in various sorts and kinds which can be differentiated and evaluated by following characteristics:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Experience
  3. References
  4. Studio
  5. Team
  6. Personality
  7. Language
  8. Value
  9. Equipment
  10. Logistics

The above points are now explained in detail below.

1. Start with the photographer’s portfolio.

Start by looking at the website of the photographer and see if you like his or her style.  Do you like the way the shots are composed?  Do you like the atmosphere or tonality of the shots?  Photography is highly subjective which means that each individual will have a different opinion on an image.  Also have a look at how the website and the portfolio are presented:  Does it have a nice look and feel?  Is it well-structured and easy to navigate?  Does it contain all the relevant information and a bio or vita?

2. Check the experience of the photographer in your area.

Often photographers get questions asked like “I see that you’ve shot oranges but can you also shoot apples!?”.  This question is of course beside the point as you can’t expect any photographer to have shot the product you are looking for in the exact style you are looking for.  Rather check if the photographer has done some work which is relevant to your area, or in the style (lighting, background, composition) you like but with a different product.  A good photographer can easily adjust the shooting style according to your design.

3. Look at what other companies have used the photographer.

Good photographers usually have a loyal base of regular clients which work with them on an on-going basis. Check if the website reveals some information about the photographer’s references.  Ideally, the website shows some real comments from clients (testimonial section) with their company names.  Established photographers will also always be able to give you 2-3 references which you can contact before signing the quote.

4. Check out if the studio would be okay.

About 70% of all jobs are done in a photo studio and 30% are done on-location (estimated).  If your shoot takes place in studio, see if the studio size and location fits your requirements (look at dimensions, ceiling height, floor plan, storage space, make-up room, infinity cove, ease of access, etc.).  Ask if the studio fees are included in the photographer’s day rates, also ask for studio half-and full-day rates.

5. Make sure the photographer has a good support team.

Even small photography projects can become pretty labor-intensive.  Products need to be picked up or sent and assembled and prepared, models have to be scheduled and styled on time, property release forms have to be drafted, faxed and signed, and so on.  Photographers who don’t have a full-time support team, usually consisting of project managers/ producers/ account managers, stylists, photography assistants or runners, end up having to do all those little tasks by themselves.  This typically makes them spend a lot of their attention, time and energy on secondary tasks which can (and should) be done by an assisting team member.  Ask for other talents who support the photographer and check how experienced they are.

6. Learn a bit about the photographer’s personality.

Photographers are normal people with all kinds of strength and weaknesses.  As photo shoots can get quite exhausting, intense and challenging for all involved, so it’s vital that the photographer has the kind of personality traits which are important to you.  Consider the testimonial from Mike Gatti (Arnold Worldwide) about the awesome photographer Tom Nagy:


7. Find out about the photographer’s language skills.

Now this is something which is probably only relevant in China – see how good the photographer’s Chinese or at least his English is.  Photography is part of the visual communication sphere so it is fundamental that the people involved can communicate well with each other.  If a client requests “More Warmth! More Harmony!”, the photographer has no other choice but to ask “okay, but how?!”.  Therefore, it’s important that the client and photographer talk at least one common language.

8. Look at the value, not the price.

As prices are always relative, it always depends on what you get in return for what you input.  For example, if you pay $10,000 US for a car this might be a great bargain or a total rip off, depending if it’s a Ferrari or a unknown car brand from the former Soviet Union.  Same in photography!  Good photographers get you what you want efficiently and without loosing any of your time!  Bad photographers might also be able to get it done, but they often need much more time and you need to manage them a lot more.  Therefore, always consider that your time is very valuable and you should train your photographer to know what you want and like so that you can spend your time on your core business.

9. Equipment is not everything, but it’s a start.

Probably you already know that the best photographers can create amazing shots with almost any kind of camera or equipment, and inexperienced photographers will often explain that they can’t create this or that effect because they don’t have the right equipment.  Fact is that equipment is for sure important, but it is also often overrated.  Ask the photographer what equipment he is usually using (camera model, lights, computer) and if you need billboard size, what maximum resolution (e.g. 5616 x 3744 pixels at 300 dpi) his images can get.

10. Pay attention to how well the admin side is taken care off.

Some paper work is not avoidable, even in a creative area like photography.  The most important documents are: quotations (often referred to as quotes, estimates), invoices and release forms (model or property release forms).  See if the documents are setup properly and documented well (numbered, filed, complete information, etc.) as this might become important when there are any legal issues with property owners or models.

Bottom line: Choosing the right commercial photographer for your next project in China is actually an easy task once you know what to look for.  The above 10 points should help you to navigate you through your search.

You can also use a Point Rating System (see a sample result below or download the excel file to create your own) if you need to write things down or rationalize your decision to your boss or colleagues.  This Point Rating System helps you to look at each factor independently, while coming up with one final result (or sum of points) for each option.  The photographer with most of the points should then be your preferred option – and get the job!


You can also download a sample Excel version here !

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