Fully-equipped Studio in Downtown Shanghai.

Our 450mflagship studio in Shanghai is based on 721 Lingshi Road, about 10 min north of People’s Square.

3,000qm Annex Studio in Kunshan.

A 45min drive outside of Shanghai, we operate a 3,000m2 annex studio in Kunshan, which we primarily use for large productions.

We Know China, And Rest Of The World

We started out in 2004 in Shanghai, and has always called it our home.  We have done shoots all over China and in various countries.

Trusted By Leading Agencies and Brands.

Since our start in 2004, more than 15+ Fortune500 companies, 50+ ad agencies and 500+ SMEs have put their trust in us – so can you. See who chose us.

International Level Service Standards.

We have a team of experienced managers who looks after the day-to-day studio operations and manages projects, ensuring international-level service attitude and quality standards.

All Services Under One Roof.

As a one-stop shop creative design production studio, we offer all relevant resources under one roof, from fully-equipped studios, photographers to choose from, a retouching team, 3D rendering and other resources.

Network Of Artists & Talent.

Benefit from our extensive network of contacts and production resources, be it set builders and designers, make-up artists, models, food stylists, location scouts or others.

Great Customer Feedback.

Over the years, we asked many customers “Why Us?” – and collected tons of feedback – don’t take “our” word for it, but theirs!  Read some real comments.

Contact Us.

If you would like to know more about us and are interested in doing a project with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!